Tuesday, June 20, 2006

21 Tales

Ok, so I went to the ginormous Forever 21 yesterday and tried on 34,598.070,987 things... and bought nothing. I attribute this uncharacteristic shoparexia to two things:

1. The limit in the fitting rooms is 6 (lame, I know) so I had to leave everything on a rack outside and all the dresses I planned to try on were horked before I could try them on. So annoying!
2. "Once you go designer, you never go back." One of the Fashion Girls said that awile ago over acai bowls-- and she really hit the nail on the head. Cheap stuff just doesn't fit or feel as good.

I did, however, but my Gucci fanny pack. I ended up getting it at Saks- I forgot about the Neiman Marcus AmEx thing and I couldn't get help in the Gucci store (bitches!) so I went to Saks. I opened a Saks card (danger! danger!) so I got a 10% discount on it. While I was waiting for the (super nice) lady to ring me up I fell in love with a prada bag!

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friendsandstrangers said...

I guess I'm always hoping for raw material that I can alter to make something great. but you're right - usually nothing.

This goes for all stores, men's and women's... and f21 seems so tempting, but is a bit of a flat tire.

Gald your writing a fashion blog about SF.