Saturday, July 08, 2006

Chanel Couture (a feast!)

So, I know I throw the L word out a lot, but really there is so many looks out there that I really do LOVE! Like this particular look from the Chanel. Um, hi. Can I have this outfit please? Ok, thanks. This I would wear, and I plan on putting something like this together for myself for this fall/winter...

The detailing on the garment on the left is just exquisite! Worn without the denim it would be perfect attire for a red carpet event! Certainly something I would be thrilled to wear!! The one in the middle takes the look Chanel is so well know for to another place- somewhere newer, younger. I like it. The look to the right has a unique and fascinating blend of what the young celebritites (Olsens, Mischa, Nicole...) have been doing with the silihouette and sense of layering (whether or not anything is actually layered I don't know); the classic Chanel aesthetic and a definate taste of military. It stands to say that this ensable is very now.

I love this top/dress. Love it, love it, love it! The cut is beautiful- so femanine and flattering but with a slight masculine edge (notice the collar). The more I look at this piece the more I love it. I do hope I can find something like it somewhere this winter.

And, it looks like the skinny denim/leggings look is only gaining momentum. I had hoped it woulf be a passing fad, but... no. I dislike it only because it is hard to wear. When it looks good it looks great, but when it looks bad... whoa.

That said, the search for flattering skinny jeans begins. (Suggestions?)

View the rest of the collection here.

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