Friday, September 01, 2006

VMA Fashion... If you could call it that...

The Rock is rocking (haha, I'm so funny) jeans and a tuxedo jacket. Possibly the hottest combo ever. Love it.

Note to men: dress like this.

He might be bringing sexy back, but I think he needs to take his pants back to the tailor. (I am just so on with the puns tonight! Ha!) I like the coat/vest/checked shirt combination, but I think that for this even it would have looked better with jeans... or maybe I just really hate the pants that much. He kind of looks like an ice cream cone. Yuck.

My first thought when I saw J.Lo's ensamble was "Yikes!!! Girlfriend needs a new stylist." I still kind of think that, but on second look I really like her dress. The head wrap has got to go though!

This dress would look awesome with black ankle boots and black tights with sleek hair...

Christina. Enough. I like what you're doing, you look hot. But ... it's getting old.

If I did a "Yikes!" edition of the VMA's it would take all night and have 765 photos.... so suffice to say most of the people that walked the red carpet looked liek crap. Or scene kids.

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