Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Couture! Couture!

This stuff is what really gets my blood running hot! Dior couture last season was absolutely phenominal, so I had high expectations for the Fall 2007 collection. I was not disappointed! John G has really been putting some awesome work out there! He is so brilliant!

It is easy to see that the inspiration for this collection is found in the art world- painters, photographers, and the like. Below are a couple of my favorite pieces, but if you are an art lover (couture is art, you know!) I highly reccomend you look at the rest of the collection!!

If Ariel were to wear a couture gown, this would so be it. Can't you almost hear her singing when you see this dress? "Up where they walk, up where they run..."

This piece is so amazing to me. It totally evokes this whole idea of a strong, elegant, sharp woman. Someone who lives in an amazing estate decorated with priceless antiques and throws lavish events. The kind of woman romance novels are written about. The kind of woman wars are fought over. The kind of woman I want to be when I am older. It's almost Cleopatra-esque in a way. I love it.

This one you would wear to a governers ball if you were the heroine in an old movie. I would give anything to be able to wear a gown like this! If only for one night. Where does all the couture go? What is going to happen to this dress? Hardly anyone actually buys couture it's so expensive. Of all of them I think this is my favorite. This is the one I would most like to wear.

How decadant is this?! I love it. I love that this is almost comepletly unwearable in any real way at all. The only possible place this could be worn is on this runway right now. But you know what? That's all that matters in haute couture. I love that. I love the volume in this gown. The colors. I am so in love with this piece. Yum.
I can't stand Shalom Harlow, and I'm not super hot on this gown, but I posted this image because you can see the back of the above pink frock in the background. I wish style.com posted photos of the backs of all the pieces, they're just as beautiful as the fronts!!

How hot are these!?

Source: Style.com

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