Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pete and Kate are finally OVER!

It's over: Kate hires minders to see off Pete
Exclusive by Fiona Cummins 05/07/2007

REMOVAL men carted Pete Doherty's gear from Kate Moss's home yesterday as the fed-up model finally got rid of any trace of her junkie ex-lover.

While the Babyshambles star was trying to come to terms with the fact their turbulent relationship is over for good, his piano, guitars, paintings and battered suitcases were loaded into a van and taken to a tower block on the other side of London.

Friends of Kate last night told of their delight at the split which comes after the furious 33-year-old lost patience over his brushes with the law and his fling with a South African last Thursday.

Doherty, 28, narrowly escaped jail on Tuesday when a judge gave him a choice of rehab or prison after he admitted a string of drug and car offences.

The couple had a series of violent rows over the weekend during which he smashed a picture. A friend of the Croydon-born model said: "It is so over between Kate and Pete. She has brought in new security guards and Pete can't get anywhere near.

"They had some terrible slanging matches over the weekend, some of the worst of their relationship. Kate is absolutely furious. She hates being made a fool of and gets incredibly jealous. She just won't stand for infidelity."

Doherty, due in rehab on July 16, is said to be devastated at the split and even pledged to go into the drug clinic early in an effort to win Kate back.

Another friend said: "Pete is in pieces. He adores Kate and the lifestyle that goes with being her boyfriend. He has messed her around before but she has always taken him back. But for the first time, it seems Kate really means business.

"He has promised to do whatever she wants to win her back. He's said he'll go into rehab early, but she's just not interested."

And Doherty got no sympathy from Kate's family. One relative said: "We hate the idea of her being upset but frankly, we're cock-a-hoop. None of her friends really like him and neither does her family, to be honest. She's a supermodel, for God's sake. She can do so much better."

Last night, Kate was in hiding. She left her home in St John's Wood on Tuesday with several bags. She had been due to appear at a fashion show in Paris on Monday but pulled out in tears.

Kate changed her locks when she booted Doherty out after two-and-a-half years together.

His gear was driven to a block of flats in Hackney, East London. He has been dividing his time between there and a caravan park in West London.


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