Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Best Day of my effing life.

Yes, it's true. I, Casey MacKenzie, met Clinton Kelly.

Macy's held an event for women on how to dress their best and to showcase some fall looks hosted by The Man himself. OMG. I had to go!!

So, there I was sitting the the front row at an even attended by about 400 people snapping billions of pictures of the man I have idolized for the last few years when he announces he's going to take audience questions. Here's my chance!! SO I raise my hand, and after answering a couplle of standard "I'm chubby/short/tall/whatever, what do I wear?" questions, he called on me!!!! OMG!! So he walkes over to me, hand me the mic and I ask,

"Do you have plans for dinner?"

Yessssss!!! I rule. Hahaha!

So he responds, "Ha! Gosh! My grandmother is here!! Hahaha, but maybe drinks later!!" Hahah!

Love it. Love him. :)

After the even I had to wait in line to actually meet him. Laaaaame!! It was all good though, when I finally did get to talk to him it was totally worth it. He is so cool in person, just the same as on the show. :)

I gave him my business card and told him to call me for dinner, haha, but that, really, I would looooove to work for him and that I'd happily move to NYC to do so. Here's hoping!!!

Look at how charming and funny I am!! Hahaha! :)

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