Saturday, September 01, 2007

Do me daily Christopher Bailey

OMG. I met Christopher Bailey.

Yes. You read that right, Chris Bailey. (FYI He has been the creative director at Burberry since 2001 and worked with the fab Mr. Tom Ford at Gucci for 5 years. Yeah, he's amazing. And absolutely brilliant.)

So I figured this Meet Chris B event at Nordstrom would be a pretty big deal- tons of people and Mr. B himself all barricaded off...

I was (thankfully!) wrong. When we (Robert, Aaron and I) walked up things were in full swing* with a couple of uncomfortable looking models wandering around in runway looks and CB chatting with attendees. Awesome!

We examined and discussed the sample garments from the fall runway for a bit then Robert and I decided to take the plunge and introduce ourselves to Chris. I'm not gonna lie, I was super nervous right up 'til the moment I said hello.

CB was absolutely charming! I introduced myself and the first thing he said to me was that I look like Agyness!! Yessssssss!! I told him that I rocked this hairstyle long before she did. Haha! He said that he'd be seeing her tomorrow and that he'd be sure to tell her he'd met the original in San Francisco! Love it! Haha!

CB was sooo charming and easy to talk to! I asked him a bit more about Agy (he said he was sure I'd meet her someday soon) and about Henry Holland (they had never met before the shirts came out!) and about his current and upcoming collections.

A bit later I tried on the most amazing black leather studded trench coat on the urging of several people around me. When I did so all the photogs at the event surrounded me and took tons of pictures! It was soooo awesome!! I don't think I've ever felt soooo Fab!! Chris Bailey even walked across the room to tell me how amazing it looked!!!! OMG! Highlight of my life thus far for suuure.

*"It's better to be so late to an event that you miss it than to be there early." A bit fashionable wisdom from Aaron Eddy, retired model and man about town.


Catie said...

Casey, that is so cool! It really was super fun and CB was the best. Way to rock the studded trench! (PS - I love Agyness too!)

eurobrat said...

That's my favourite coat for fall.

You lucky femme!

Catie said...

Casey! Go pick up the October issue of SF iS!!! You've got a photo and I've got a quote. This thing just never ends (not that that's bad).