Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MK and I are, like, twins!

One of the things that I love about Mary-Kate is that she wears pieces she loves over and over. (Ashley does it, too, but not as often.)

In a world where celebrities "can only be seen in something once" or whatever its refreshing that when these girls love something, even though they have the resources to buy gajillions of pretty garments, they wear stuff over and over.

That proably cameout sounding pretty garbled. Oh well. I'm tired. Below is MK at two seperate events in London this week. Note the belt and necklace.

Oh, and the reason that we're "like, twins" is that I totally do that, too. Like MK I wear practically the same outfit over and over until I'm sick of it. And now you know one of my dirty secrets. Don't tell anyone, k?

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