Saturday, March 01, 2008

The City of Broken Dreams People

After escaping a particularly awkward and drunken dinner party this weekend in LA a wise man said to me,

"Change LA, don't let LA change you."

Yeah, I guess that's right on the money. I hate what LA does to people. The money, the alcohol, the drugs, the desperation to 'make it'... whatever that means.

When I move down there (and I'm pretty sure it's a "when" now and not an "if") I'll have to cling to that. "Change LA, don't let LA change you." God has put the love in my heart that I have for Hollywood and the desire I have to see that world changed... He will give me the tools and the strength that I need to do it.

It's gonna be great.


Robert said...

"LA is like a fake fendi, it looks great on the outside and is garbage on the inside."
-Leave it to satc to sum up LA

Shane & Nikki said...

um, hi. Remember me? Remember that I live in LA now. Please let me know if you are/WHEN you are moving to this wonderful city (it is what you make of it...and I have fallen in love with the place). I expect at the very least a coffee date, and make that a long one. We have a few years to catch up on. Love you:)