Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little FIsh in a Big Sea

My mac power cable is 99% broken.... I ordered a new one on eBay, but it hasn't come yet, dangit.

I tired to get a job at Starbucks today- so I don't have to really rush finding a "real" job, so I can be a little more selective- and teh guys there were, uh, not the nicest Baristas ever... and they're not hiring. Apparently. Jerks.

I love my new place... but my kitchen smells like onions (my fault).

Stella is hella pregnant. Her normal weight is 4.8 lbs and last we checked she was up to 6... but i bet she's pushing 6.5lbs! She's a tiny little fatty! I'll take some photos tomorrow and post 'em.

My sisters are driving down tomorrow then we're going to San Diego for the weekend. Yay!

With 3 min left on my battery I bid you adieu.

1 comment:

Shane & Nikki said...

awh, you're here! Hang out sesh soon please. Is stella really prego or just fat? Update me!