Thursday, July 10, 2008

'Tella Tubby & Love and Sparkles

So that's Stella all huge and pregnant... she is due on Sunday, but looks like she is going to pop anytime! She is at home with my fam so they can be with her 24/7. I miss her like crazy!! I can't wait til the baby pooters pop and I can bring her back down here!! It's crazy, I had no idea I could love a dog so much!!

So I found this job that I really really want.... It's as an assistant to this super rad jewelry designer... she is, I think, a friend of a friend so I called in a favor. We'll see how that goes!

I went into her boutique on Melrose today and, um, fell IN LOVE. I really dug the stuff that I saw online, but in person it is 10 times radder.... and it seems like the company has such a great attitude towards fashion. They put out a great product, use quality materials and don't take themselves too seriously. I love it! I really think I would be a perfect fit there!! Say a prayer for me!!


Oh! And! The best part is at this company they say "love and sparkles"!! Amazing! I say that! And I always order my coffee with "extra love and sparkles"!! Love it! 

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