Sunday, September 28, 2008

Casey + Mandy = Best Friends Forever

So our showroom reps Mblem by Mandy Moore... So we all knew we would eventually meet her.

Se came in this week, looking a little tired (she had been with DJ AM in Georga or something)... I got nervous as she walked in thinking "OMG, OMG, play it cool, play it cool..."

Thankfully, I succeeded. She and her manager, John, introduced themselves to all of us individually (more than most of the designers do when they come in!). She was so nice!! I, like, love her even more now! She was friendly and you could tell she was really just a nice person. She didn't act like a famous actress/singer at all.

Mandy is so normal! She wasn't wearing much makeup and is build about like me. Same height, same size. Sweet. BFF's for sure.

I look forward to seeing her again!

(I loved her hair short!)

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