Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spotted: Maeby Fünke

Ok, her real name is Alia Shawkat, but I would like to think I ran into Maeby.

Jimi and I walked down to Intelligentsia after washing my car yesterday afternoon to get some delicious iced coffee. We were standing out front after drinking said coffee deciding where to get food when some girl walkes out. We sort of stated at each other as people in LA typiclly do (you know, checking to see if you're "somebody") it was kind of an awkward stare cause she was like 10 inches shorter than me and the stare lasted about a second to long. The moment the look was broken, she was behind me and I went "OMG! Maeby Fünke!!" (To which Jimi said, "Who?" Sad.)

Then I called everyone I know.

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