Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Four Barrel SF

So, I arrived to my last appointment today about 45 min early. I went in the store (Candy Store in Mission- adorable. Shop there.) to see if they could see me then, but my contact wasn't in yet. So, being a woman of wisdom, I asked if there was a good place to get a cup of coffee nearby. 

"Yes! There is. Two blocks down on Valenica, it's called Four Barrel."

So I headed that direction to find a very hip indie roasting coffee shop. Love it. The decor was very 'hipster goes hunting in  New England'- right up my alley. Jeremy Scott and the Misshapes collab with Ralph Lauren. Love.

I chatted with the girl at the counter about her mothers collection of vintage scarves and the benefits of cold brewing coffee. When I ordered and pulled out my card she sighed and told me they are cash only. Bummer. But then she says she'll give me my coffee and I can come back and pay. Sweet! (I didn't, I walked down to the ATM down the block and came back- I would hate to be the girl that forgot to pay!)

So I am sitting in the window enjoying my my delicious iced coffee (black) reading about the upcoming presidential debate when a man walks in, "Excuse me, Miss?" 

"I saw you walking, and had to come tell you-- You are very beautiful."

He was so polite!! And, of course, black. (Black men seem to love me. It's a thing.)

All in all, my experience at Four Barrel was quite a good one. Thanks, San Francisco! Oh, and that last photo is the bathroom door (of course even the bathroom is so hip). I took a photo to remember what that strip of paper said. Too bad you can't read it! It said something to the effect of Tights are for boys with fantasy nicknames. No idea what that means, but I like it. 

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Jon said...

that sounds like a glorious day.