Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The KGB Took My Baby Away

Ok so weirdest thing... we were wrapping up our photo mission down in the arts district (read: hungry and running low on film) standing on the corner in this totally desserted part of town deciding where to get lunch and how to hook back up with our mate from foggy London- town when what drives by? A freaking motorcade of unmarked vehicles, cop cars, motorcycle police and KGB smartcars. Several of them. What.

Total rookie move my Rebel was in my bag and I'm franticly exiting out of my text message on my Blcakberry to get the camera... this is all I have to show for it... The other jerks with film cameras were reloading. It's like we were caught with our pants down! Blowing it!!

Anyway, this is all the proof we have of the very odd, very quick, very...? event.

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

1 comment:

little casey said...

they were totally filming a commercial! it's some call in search engine thing with Kirk from the Gilmore Girls in the commercials