Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Things:: (on my real blog)

1. I have a dog named Stella. I love her more than I ever thought I could love an animal.

2. I dream of one day running a fashion magazine with a higher standard of morality with the gospel message clearly and creatively stated in every issue and sold in a secular market.

3. My mom thinks I will make it big in handbags... I am thinking of starting a line of scarves.

4. I will only use Chanel make-up from here on out. It makes me feel glamourous even on a gross work day.

5. I love clothes. And when I say I love clothes I mean I really, really love them.

6. I want to adopt lots of babies from lots of countries.

7. I've eaten cold dog meat, fish heads, monkey cooked in it's own poo and lots of Taco Bell- and lived to tell about it.

8. I dream of moving to Thailand. And New York. And Scotland. And...

9. I've been journaling for 13 years and blogging for 8.

10. I have been blessed with amazing, unique, special, loyal, beautiful friends for most of my life and know that they are a direct gift from God.

11. Growing up in a "broken" family was worth the family we got in the end.

12. I'm gonna be famous.

13. I love San Francisco like it's my family.

14. I've been to the Great Wall of China.

15. I taught English to monks in Tibet.

16. I've built 4 houses, an orphanage, and 2 apartments (with help, of course).

17. I've spent 3 of the last 6 New Years Eve's in Asia.

18. I'm creative cause I'm wearing bracelets.

19. I won the State science fair in second grade with the help of my brilliant Granddaddy.

20. I have 4 tattoo's and I love them.

21. I fancy myself to be an artist, but don't have the art to back it up.

22. I plan to write a book about my fabulous life (obviously, this won't happen for awhile).

23. I can sleep for 15 hours at a stretch.

24. I've been the happy recipient of not one but 6 free cars. Thanks, God (and Linney family and Steve).

25. Jesus saved me from fear, death, addiction, trauma, darkness, sin, car accidents.

26. I have the best boyfriend ever in the history of boyfriends.

27. I played soccer with monks in Tibet... until one beamed me in the head with the ball.


cynthia said...

awww yay! what i wonderful life you lead. I'm glad to have the family i ended up with too:) (that's you.)

SantaCruz said...

you're hillarious