Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photo Mission: Bad Decision

Remember this place in the Dublin hills? I went about a year ago (on Good Friday, if I remember correctly) and got some great shots with my digi... I spent about an hour there before thinking, "Gee, no one knows where I am and this looks like a murder site. I'll go." (There was a totally creepy tarp covered car that seemed like something out of America's Most Wanted.)

I have been meaning to go back with a film camera and some back-up, but never got around to it when I was up here. Today was particularly gorgeous and I wasn't busy so I decided to stop by. I took a photo of some chairs lined up against the barn that weren't there last time I had stopped by. Then I heard it. Music. Coming out of the barn. It was like top 40 radio stuff. OMG. There was someone there. I got one more shot of the chairs and bailed as fast as I could. I mean, what if it was a murderer??

At least I lived to tell about it. Again.

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