Thursday, April 02, 2009

Great American Road Trip: Prologue

You can force a rosebud to open, but you spoil the flower.
from Streams in the Desert

I am officially homeless. For the next months a bed won't be guaranteed. I may spend several nights in one spot with a friend or family member, but I have nowhere of my own to lay my head (save the back seat of my Jetta). 

I am thankful I have a car and Stella. I have amazing friends and a loving family. I may have lost a lot in the last month, but I still have more than most. My heart is broken and sore, my eyes ready for tears at any moment, but the Lord is near. He is ever faithful. He is so good to me. (Sometimes I feel like His favorite. He spends so much time with me and gives such good gifts.)

I am in West Hollywood now. In LA for the last time until God knows when (I think I will live here again, but I won't again come alone) I think I will go to the book store and stock up on books for my journey then maybe indulge in Charley's pancakes for one last time... 

Leaving LA is so bittersweet. This city wasn't good to me, I walk away with a broken heart and broken dreams... but for a plant to grow, the seed must be destroyed. It hurts, but in the end will be worth it. 

"it is better to walk in the dark with God than to walk alone in the light." from The Still Small Voice

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cynthia said...

awww yay i'm excited for your big road trip.