Monday, April 06, 2009

Salvation Mountain

I don't think anyone has ever had a better first day on the road (yesterday doesn't count cause I was with my parents all morning). Today was like a really good movie, only better cause it was real life. Thank You, Jesus!

First of all, the Salton Sea is beautiful. I had no idea. I never got around to the south bank to see all the decay, but what I got today was so much better.

I drove to Niland, CA with bated breath. I was so excited to see Salvation Mtn I could hardly stand it! When I passed the sign for Slab City my heart started to beat like I was going on a first date... and when the mountain came into view shortly after it did not disappoint.

When I got out of my car, I was a little nervous and pretty overwhelmed. Not so much that the mountain is that special or beautiful, but the Spirit of the Lord is most certainly there. In every way, this is an altar or a temple to God in just the way His people built in the deserts of Israel in the Old Testament.

I was nearly brought to tears watching Leonard (the man who built it) show a group of college kids around and telling them about this place with such enthusiasm as is rarely seen in someone over the age of 10. As soon as they left he greeted me and gave me a tour- pointing out "tire trees", "tractor tire trees" (they're bigger) and showing me where they mix the adobe.

On the back side of the mountain, where they were mixing adobe and building were about 7 guys doing all the work. Leonard is usually alone to build and show people around, but a group of guys from Pasadena came to help for a few days while one of them filmed a documentary about the place.

I chatted with them for a bit, then wandered around myself to take photos. Once I got all the shots I wanted to get I headed out towards Slab City (known as "the last free place") to check it out and shoot some of the weird stuff out there.

Leonard and Me.

As I was pulling away I thought I would really like to come back sometime and help them out. To work on the monument to God's Love and spend some more time with the selfless people working on it. Then I remembered: I am on a trip. I can do whatever I want. Why the heck not go back now?!

So I did. I spent the better part of today at Salvation Mountain making a total mess of myself mixing and slinging adobe with an actor from Burbank, a couple from Alberta, Leonard, and a band from Pasadena. It was one of the best days of my life.

(Oh, and we all went to Bobby D's for lunch down the street in Niland- we had pizza... and it was soooo good!)

Thanks, God, for this great adventure.

Hecka dirty from slinging adobe!


Nancy said...

Sounds amazing. I am so glad you went back to help - this is your opportunity to slow down and just be. I love you and am praying everyday that God would show his face to you in a personal and astounding way! xoxo

Jon said...

what is salvation mountain? ive never heard of it before.

Jon said...
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cynthia said...

now you can have 3 real comments and not a fake deleted one.

that is so rad. i found a great blog entry about it: