Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well, I've made it all the way to Ohio. I suppose the timing couldn't be worse, but it is in Gods hands. He knows. 

 I camped in Walton, Kentucky last night. I had a pretty little spot, but it was a pretty gross campground. If you can even call it that... there were at least 100 RVs and most of them looked permanent. As long as I kept my back to them it felt like I was in nature. Oh well. 

It was my first night in my new tent... The ground was very hard. I left the bed in my car set up 'cause it was supposed to rain last night and I wanted a dry spot just in case. I stayed dry as a doornail in my tent so from now on I think I will just sleep in it. Time to dismantle the car bed... well. Maybe.

Right now I am at Caribou Coffee in Anderson, Ohio (I think). I will get moving soon and will head up towards Akron (to circumvent Cleveland- I'm tired of cities) then up along the lake to camp at Lake Eerie State Park in New York. That's the plan, but only God knows what will really happen. 

Heres to adventures and a good day!

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