Friday, May 01, 2009

My Day in Boston

Not sure what to say about Boston. Mostly I am just blogging because I have internet access...

So I totally get why Elle Woods stuck out so much at Harvard. No one here gives a rip about what they are wearing!

Driving in Boston is way worse than LA.

Lunch at Durgin Park today cost a week of food money (I had lobster) but it was totally worth it. 

I walked the Freedom Trail. America is so awesome. 

The stairs pictured are at Park Street Church, my family has a long history with this church!

I am staying the the dorm room of a couple of really awesome girls at Harvard. They are so nice and SO smart! I went to the Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship with them tonight. It was smaller than I had expected, which was too bad cause Harvard is a really big school. It was a nice time and very friendly people. I am so enjoying being a part of random Christian communities across America! Thanks friends, for hooking me up.

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