Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New England, Old Home

I loved New England. From Boston I went to Salem, Cape Ann, the New Hampshire coast and up into Maine. 

Salem was kind of a let down because it was really touristy. They have really built an industry on their sordid past. I only stayed there about half an hour. Then I headed up to Cape Ann. 

Cape Ann is amazing. My Mom spent a lot of time there in high school and college and was able to tell me cool places to go. I stopped at the candy shop (cause, yum!) and saw the ice cream shop she used to go to. I drive along the coast to Rockport, home of the most photographed and painted building in North America. (Motif #1, and my yummy $5 dinner of calm chowder and a stuffed clam at left)

Rockport is the coolest place ever. I loved it! There wasn't much there, but it made me want to live on a fishing boat or something! There were buoys galore and good food and simple buildings... It felt like home. I can totally tell that that part of the country is in my blood. The further north I went the more I felt it. (And anchors everywhere!! Love it!)

I want to live somewhere rugged and cold like Maine or Nova Scotia. I'm pale enough! I love the idea of wearing boots and a big warm jacket and crunching through the snow down to the market to get milk and knowing everyone in the town. I want to live in a lighthouse and have to stay up all night during the storm making sure it stays lit. I want to eat lots of fish and lobster and clams and butter! Yum! 

Seeing my first lighthouse in York, Maine! I'm in love!!

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