Thursday, May 14, 2009

south dakota

I'm camping at Badlands State Park.

This state is amazing. Its beautiful! The prarie is so cool. It is easy to imagine being an early settler moving west here. I'm seeingit all for the first time just as they would. I don't know what to expect and there is beauty and suprises around over every ridge and around every bend.

I stopped at Wounded Knee where a Sioux massacre took place in the 1800's. The white man killed 44 men and over 150 women and children. It was weird to stop. I felt really ashamed of my heritage. They were here first. I belong in Europe. Its hard to think about.

The Badlands are amazing! On my way here cows blocked the highway! Moooo!!

The formations here are mostly white and look like the grand canyon shaken up and dropped upside down on the prarie. It looks like salt or ice from a distance. I think this is what the cities of Heaven will look like. I love it here.

I love the wilderness, I love camping... Who am I?!?

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cynthia said...

i know how you feel--this quarter i'm taking an african history class and a class on racism. talk about being ashamed of my heritage.

sounds like you're having so much fun! love you!!