Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Return to Me

Well. I am back in Livermore. 

I got home at 6:15 this morning (I wanted to be back for Dana's birthday). People keep asking me how it feels to be back. I am not sure yet. I could have stayed on the road for months more, but the timing seems right for heading back. I hope I get more adventures soon. 

There are several adventures in Montana and beyond that I wanted to blog. You may or may not be seeing them here... but I think I will be starting on a book soon. I think this adventure/exodus/metamorphosis needs to be documented more thoroughly.

My computer says 12:32am. It's my birthday. I am 26... single, homeless, unemployed, and don't have my degree yet. sigh. I believe the Queen would say I am "footloose and fancy free". Let's hope there are more, greater adventures to come! Bangkok? India? Alaska? Yes, please.


Bevy said...

LIVERMORE - I lived there for 6+ years ... :) I called it Liverless, LiveNoMore ... etc. ;)
Did you ever see the bumpersticker - I love my heart - but I love my liver more?!
I know - pretty bad - huh? :)
God bless you - I love C.S. Lewis' writings too.

Shane & Nikki said...

I love you.