Friday, June 05, 2009

Things I Want to Do in Life Part 2

-Kayak through the Grand Canyon 
-Climb a mountain (a real one)
-experience the Himalayas
-Spend time in India
-Live in Montana
-Live in Colorado
-Live on Cape Ann (or at least spend more time there)
-See Morocco
-Ride a Vespa through Italy
-Boat the Amazon
-See SIberia
-Camp and fish in Alaska
-Write a book
-See a moose
-Suck life dry
-VIsit Daniel in Australia
-Visit Loki in Iceland
-Visit Melissa in New Zealand
-Backpack through the back country in Grand Teton
-Backpack around the world
-Live in a lighthouse in Nova Scotia (or Maine)
-Live in Manhattan
-Live in a cabin in the mountains on a lake with my spouse (and Stella) and chop wood and raise chickens
-Teach English in Korea or Japan
-Take Thai classes at university in Bangkok (and live on the Sukumvit)

1 comment:

Chase said...

wonderful list, Casey.
I found your blog because we both commented on @chase_reeves coming twittered child. (Is it alright to say that?)

Love your aspirations. Go for them. Don't hesitate. Live up to your goal to "Suck Life Dry."

-A friendly drifter.
(or, the other Chase)