Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Samaritan

I had lunch with Derek today. (And when I say we had lunch, I mean I ate a bowl of cereal while we chatted on my lunch break at Peet's.) He told be about a friend of his that went to India for a few months. When he got there he felt the Lord press on his heart to give all his money away- and not just put it in beggars cups, but to engage. So he ate meals with people, bought old men coffee, things like that. It turned out to be an amazing trip. He met great people, other YWAMers, stayed with families... all kinds of stuff. I want to do that. Where do I sign up?

(I probably got that story all wrong. Sorry, De.)

So I've decided to plan a trip. It will be 3 or 4 months long and I am going to go to several countries. (Tentatively the UK for a month, India for couple weeks, Thailand for a few weeks, Australia for a few weeks, New Zealand for a week and, hopefully, Fiji or some exotic island in that part of the world... but this could all change. Everything changes.)

This may or may not happen. But I figure if I plan it a year out and am extremely frugal I can get the funds together to do it. Go team.

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kimricosays said...

like your blog.

and the trip sounds amazing...just engaging in sincere relationships with the Lord's people.

hope you are having a great week!