Monday, December 28, 2009

College Degrees: Fact or Fiction?

I would really like to get a degree. I mean really. I put 6 years and a whole lot of money into this- Id really like to get it over with already.

I was passively planning on applying to SF State to finish there in the next year or so. Tonight I finally got online to fill out an application... and it turns out they're not accepting applications through winter 2011 due to the budget crisis. I can't go to any of the other local CSUs cause I would have to start over on my upper division work and 8 years for a bachelors degree just isn't right.

It seems like I have to go back to Point Loma. Oh San Diego, how I loathe you.

Literally, getting a degree couldn't be more awful and frustrating. Why is that? Why can't things just be simple?

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