Monday, January 11, 2010


8:00pm put on a movie

8:05pm decide not to watch a movie, rather finish my book

930pm finish my book (my heart is sad. it is sad to finish a book, sadder still to finish a melancholy book)

10:00pm get ready for bed/watch das racist you tube videos

10:30- lights out, sleeping pills in



roll over

apologize to Stella for steamrolling her so many times

squeeze her and give her a kiss cause i know she loves me any way




garbled thoughts

random tears

achy neck




Sorry Stella

11:30pm lights back on.

11:31pm write in journal

11:45pm check Facebook on my phone

11:46pm tummy rumbles

11:47pm grab my next book and my dog and head downstairs for a bowl of cereal

11:48pm huge bowl of Cheerio's with mini marshmallows (equal parts mallows to o's)

11:53pm cereal demolished. chapter demolished... and those sleeping pills are starting to kick in

11:54pm write blog post so I don't forget this night. Immediately forget about it.

12:00am Check email. Read emails.

12:30am lights out. Again.

3:55am alarm goes off. SNOOZE

4:00am alarm goes off. SNOOZE

4:05am alarm goes off. CRAP! Late for work.

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