Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DSquared Didn't Let Me Down!

DSquared's last mens collection was my favorite ever, so I was nervous to look at this one... but, alas! DSquared did not let me down! Here are my favorites:

Though I usually love slim stuff on men, the slimmer the better-- but I love this! I love how loose everything is without looking the least bit sloppy.

I am loving this right now. (Except the bag- I'm not feeling it.) And! The awesome short length again! I hope I keep seeing this!

White shorts + Red shoes = Love

Love these jeans.

Hello, I love you.

Denim shorts. Usually my worst nightmare... but these are pretty great. I'd like to see these in the real world. (Note to Sean: Try this.)

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que said...

i believe this is the kiera dress:
Chanel 2007 Resort