Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fashion (and I use the term loosely) in the City

Sorry I have neglected the blog... I am into the full swing of school now and I have even more to say now but no time to say it!

I walked to the Castro (a very short, pleasant walk from my apartment) to photograph "stylish members of the community" for a class this weekend.... And none were to be found! I spent quite some time wandering and found very little in the way of fashion forward dressers. In fact I found very little in the way of anyone that does not deserve their very own episode of What Not to Wear!

I have noticed this in SF (or at least where I hang out- Noe Valley, Union Square, Civic Center), there is very little in the way of forward fashion. Skinny jeans (and leggings), for example, are huge right now in fashion. Everywhere I look I see this silhouette- everywhere but on the people around me. I understand that fashion take a painfully long time to trickle to the masses, but I go to an art school and study fashion for goodness sake!! With my skinny jeans, blonde hair and designer bags I stick out like a sore thumb! (Not that I mind at all!!)

So, to conclude, where are all the fashion whores? Anybody?

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Jon said...

Maybe San Francisco is resisting the 80's trend.

I'll let you know if Boulder is trendy when I get back from Tuscon.