Monday, July 31, 2006

Marc by Marc

Today I finally braved the bus ride to The Marc by Marc store on Fillmore. It was glorious!!!

I walked in and was totally overwhelmed by Marcness. I wandered around and touched things and chatted with the sales people for a good half hour before I got around to actually shopping!

I love the Marc aesthetic, but I can't afford to wear it head to toe. Also, I love his dresses, but for some reason I can never bring myself to buy one. I rarely wear dresses, but not for any good reason. Anyway, I tried on a bunch of tops, but the fit was off. I usually find so many Marc tops that I love, but not today. Sigh. Well, my wallet was relieved.

I didn't buy any clothes, but there were lots of cute little trinkets and accessories to pick up! The guy that rang me up looked like a dark haired Owen Wilson. Hot.

All in all it was well worth the crowded bus ride because really, Marc can do no wrong.

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