Sunday, August 20, 2006

2006 Teen Choice Awards Part 1

So far not a lot of great fashion happening at the Teen Choice Awards (I'm not suprised...)

The highlights so far:

In my book Ashley can do no wrong... I really like this. It looks greast on her, the colors are very now and I like the silouette. The boxy/oversized thing can really dorwn a tiny frame like hers, and the wait belt is moving in the "overdone" territory so this outfit could have could have really been a disaster... but it's perfect!

Ok so Carmen Electra is not known for her steller fashion choices, but I love this! It is not super trendy or fashion forward, but something about it really appeals to me. Somehow this is a super short sequin dress that looks classy instead of trashy! I would totally wear this if a) I actually had something to wear it to and b) it had a couple more inches on the bottom.

Oh and don't look at her shoes, they're horrific.

Um. Mischa? That collar? Not so much. She usually looks so great, too! I'm disappointed by her choice tonight.

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