Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Teen Choice Awards: The Yikes! Edition

So Brittany Murphey. I like her, I do. I even kind of like this dress... But I could have sworn it looked like a bubble skirt on TV. I thought it was about 2 inches longer with a tighter hem. I don't know what I was smoking because I couln't find it in any picutes. They all look like this one... too short and... is that an unfinished hem?? What would Michael Kors say!? Yuck. No unfinished hems EVER!

1. Why is Kristen Cavalleri still famous? Anyone? It certainly isn't for her fashion! Hello! She is wearing a huge scarf as a dress! She's a cute girl with an awesome figure, she should look great! She should call Rachel Zoe asap!
2. Kristen Bell. I don't really like her in the first place. Her show is dumb and she's not that cute. She's especially not cute dressed in my high school colors with clown make-up on. (OK, that was harsh- but she looks bad!!) That top would look cute with jeans and little red heels maybe...

Orlando totally doesn't belong on the Yikes! post... but I really wish he would clean up a bit. He is so amazingly handsome! I love the outfit he is sporting, but it's a little more appropriate for running errands than for presenting at an awards show-- even the teen choice awards.

But that's just me.

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gypsy said...

i think kristin bell looks great.. but that's just me... great blog though! very entertaining..