Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When the Runways let me down,

The The Sartorialist picks me up again.

Kaiser Karl. I'm still not sure about his hair... but notice the cut of his pants and his sleeves. I like how trim his pants are without looking like leggings, and the length on his sleeve os quite unusual for menswear. I like it though-- pared with the black leather glove it gives a sense of mystery.

If this photo was cropped down closer to his head a bit, it would look straight out of a magazine editorial. It's truly amazing that the Sartorialist caught this image just as he did. It's like the guy is a superhero or he's frozen in time. I also love his clothes. Wow. I'm just so impressed right now.

Now this is appropriate and very chic Spring/Summer wear. I will wear this, not what has shown so far. I love the folded up hem and the air of being thrown togther and just happening to look fabulous. I like the hat a lot, too. I'm not sure that, at this point, I can pull off a hat like that because my hair is an awkward length (I'm growing out a pixie).

This whole outfit was not quite as successful as this detail shot would have one believe, but I love this detail none the less. I tihnk it's the belt and the cardigan that really appeal to me. I really want a combo just like this. Donations gladly accepted :)

These photos are all actually from The Sartorialist on

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Sophie said...

I am so obsessed with the 2nd to last look (shorts-hat-blazer). It's incredible.