Saturday, June 30, 2007

So I'm in love with Vincent Gallo now.

Richard loaned me Buffalo '66 yesterday and I figured if I didn't watch it tonight I'd end up being that person that borrows a movie and never gives it back... or at least has it for like 6 months. I hate being that person. So I watched it. And it was amazing. Like. So good. Rent it now. Immediately.

The movie starts pretty slow, then suddenly you realize that you're an hour into it and you're completely entranced with Billy and Lola, the sweet, pathetic leads.

Also, the colors and cinamatography are brautiful. Just one little moment: Lola taking off her jacket, Billy laying on a bench... they're beautiful. They're beautiful like when you find beauty in the mundane... only you realize it's not mundane. It's art and it's been made for you to appreciate. (I'm making no sense. Sorry.)

Just watch it, ok?

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