Sunday, July 01, 2007

Women are so complicated. Like, I have the best life ever. The coolest family, a rockin house, a great job and the cutiest dog in America. Cynthia is finally back from six months in Germany/Curacao/Columbia, and we spent some great family time together this evening. We all went out for pizza and then sat around the computer and looked at 4359807987435098 pictures of Cy's trip.

And now that everyone has gone to bed, I am left alone with E! (Sunset Tan just ended, it's my new favorite train wreck.) I feel maybe a little bit down. Maybe a little less self-assured than usual- a little bit more like 12 year-old Casey.

That's the thing about women, though, I think. Left to their own devices they are their own worst critic, worst enemy even. We've all seen 435034673 movies/books/shows/Lifetime Original Specials about self depreciating women who have to learn to love themselves.

Just a thought.

PS This picture is from the men's LV show in Paris a few days ago. I think he's super cute. I very rarely find longish hair on men attractive, but this way works. I guarantee you this guy is gay or married. They all are, aren't they? Ugh. (I'm only half kidding.)

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