Monday, April 20, 2009

A Cabin in the Woods

Last night, as I lay in "bed" (it was a car-camping night) trying to sleep, I found myself dreaming of a new kind of life. 

In this life I lived in a small, sparsely furnished cabin in the woods. It has an oversized comfy couch and stone fireplace, bookshelves, a simple bed and little else. The cabin overlooks a lake with a small pier with a little wooden boat tied to it. Above rise high, snow-capped mountains. 

I live in this cabin with my mate. We sleep as late as we want (though we usually rise early) and drink black coffee. We chop wood, swim in the lake and sit on the porch swing we built- sometimes talking, sometimes not. We read a lot and pray a lot in this quiet, simple life. We live pretty far from the nearest town so we grow our own vegetables have a couple chickens. 

In the summer we like to sleep on the porch and count the stars. I think about jumping into the lake spontaneously in the middle of the night, but always chicken out. I don't want to get the sheets wet (but really I am scared of being eaten by a monster).

In the winter I curl up in front of the fire in my cashmere sweater and read while I drink tea. One day soon we will go out and tell the world about Jesus. We'll have adventures and change the world... but for now we are getting to know the God we serve. We are still.

And it is so good. 


Jon said...

thats a pretty sweet dream. but im shocked to hear it coming from a city girl like you. that must be a pretty spectacular road trip your on.

cynthia said...

that sounds lovely.

Casey MacKenzie said...

thanks, jon. it is. I am finding I don't know myself as well as I thought I did.

Jon said...

yay for self-discovery road trips!