Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Streams in the Desert

I can't remember where I first picked up Streams in the Desert. It was years ago. I read it through once (it is a 366 day daily devotional reading) and have picked it up here and there since then. 

The Lord has used these pages to speak to me and minister to my spirit in so many ways on so many occasions. It really is incredible. And now, as I find my self walking through the valley of the shadow of death these words seem daily written just for me. 

It is amazing- no- beyond amazing how every single day the devotional in this little, insignificant book speaks exactly to my needs for that day. Thank you, Lord!

I told Aunt Janet (whom I am currently staying with in Arizona) about this little tome. She told me that Grandma and Aunt Mary (Grandma's big sister) both read it for years!! I love it. She gave me Grandma's copy of the book. What a gift. It was gifted to her in 1983 and has an inscription and several underlines, book marks and little notes. It is so special. 

My Grandma and I had a special relationship. We are a lot alike; cut from the same cloth. The more I learn about her the more I find this to be true. (Well, except that I'd make a terrible teacher!) 

This book comes highly recommended! 

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