Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Canyoneering in Zion

This morning (Wednesday) Dalene and I sat in the car in the parkig lot at Zion and listened to our Beth Moore study. While we listened two dudes pulled into the spot next to us. Dalene though she recognized one of them as a friend of Jacks but wasn't totally sure. She finally rolled her window down and chatted with him. It turns out they locked their keys in their car. We helped them out then hey asked what we had planne for the day. We were having a tough time deciding which trail to hike so they invited us to go canyoneering with them.

Jesus totally brought them to us. They gave us clothes and neoprene booties to wear and we were off. We had to change by the side of the road then climb up a super steep sandstone hill. As we climbed I got nervous. The rest of our party is in great shape and I was worried I'd hod hem back and they'd be bummed they invited us. It turns out the inicial ascent was the hardest part of the day.

We climbed over and around the sandstone hill then dropped into the canyon. We repelled about 20 feet, crossed some ice cold water, chimneyed through some crevices, reppeled some more, climbed some more, crossed several more ice cold pools... It. Was. Awesome. You are going to die when you see the photos.

And I totally held up like a champ! I loved every minute of it (after the as ascent!).

Afterward we got coffee then went into St George for Taco Time. We had a blast with our new friendsfrom Livermore.

Tomorrow, we climb.

Oh, and it was Keyhole Canyon. Google it.

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