Saturday, April 25, 2009

God is in New Orleans

When I got to New Orleans my mind was blown. I got off on the wrong exit and had to take surface streets to the French Quarter. The neighborhood was incredible. There were nice houses next to piles that once were houses. Condemned buildings with children playing in front. I've never seen such a thing.

I had to drive about a bit to find parking. I could not wait to get out of the car and walk around! I walked a few blocks and found Cafe du Monde where I got beignets and coffee. So good. I'll have that for breakfast every day, please.

After that I walked around and got sort of depressed cause I was alone. My heart was sad. I called out to the Lord. I don't mind being alone, but I prefer not. New Orleans seems like it would be so much more fun with a friend. 

I stopped at Jackson Square and listened to a 3-piece band for awhile. The flute player, an old intoxicated man, started telling me about how he has been playing music all his life- that it's all he has. He is homeless. I shook my head and quietly said, "Me too."

The guy next to me was like, "You're homeless? That makes 3 of us." Huh? So I chat with this guy and it turns out he, too, is from the Bay Area. He quit his job and is aimlessly road-tripping across the country, too. He seemed pretty normal so we walked around the Quarter together for a bit. It turned out he is a Christian and we talked about our lives and our stories for a bit. Then I realized... I had cried out to God cause I was feeling alone and no more than 2 minutes later I had a new friend. 

Thank You, Lord.


SantaCruz said...

holy crap.
you need to publish this stuff.
its astonishing.
i am so jealous of this adventure!!!!!!!!

cynthia said...

wow, that's so cool.